Apraxis incarnate. (rakafkaven) wrote,
Apraxis incarnate.

Oh NPR, why you gotta make me hurt you.

Yuppy grows a tomato. Is shocked to learn that "buying the stuff that dreadlock-guy at the co-op suggested" is not actually sufficient to transform her suburban astroturf into the allegorically fecund soil of proto-Narnia circa The Magician's Nephew. Closes article by saying: "The moral: Money-saving exercises often aren't money-saving at all."

Funny, I thought the moral was "Even if I combine my enormous sense of entitlement with the yawning chasm of my ignorance, I can't make my 'raise a single magazine-cover plant-baby' methods into a feasible model of sustenance agriculture. Perhaps it was arrogant of me to assume that my college degree and credit cards would automatically make me a better farmer than actual farmers are."
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