Apraxis incarnate. (rakafkaven) wrote,
Apraxis incarnate.

"Back end" is every bit as full of glory as it sounds

Hey, people-who-code. Isn't it fun when you spend hours of work and the result that reaches the user is 100% the same as it was before you started? And that was actually your goal? Sure, you know that the invisible process in the background is now much 438% more efficient/stable/flexible/standards-compliant/functions-all-in-iambic-pentameter; but it's not the sort of thing that earns enthusiastic praise or occasional oral sex from nearby laypersons.

Does anyone else budget the last 1% of such ephemeral projects for making widgets change color or creating scrolly status bars or blinky buttons, for no reason other than to show people who ask what you've been doing all day?
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