Apraxis incarnate. (rakafkaven) wrote,
Apraxis incarnate.

This happens more regularly than I care to admit.

So, no time to cook. I'll just nuke some steam-in-bag broccoli. Of course, that won't be very filling. Might as well melt some cheddar on top. Except that's just thick and greasy. Would it really kill me to make a simple cheese sauce? Okay, got the butter melting for the roux, let's open the fridge and-- hey, I forgot about the half container of sliced portabellas. That'll go great with everything else, just toss those in the butter to saute a bit, dump them out, and start the roux again. Now flour, mustard powder, pepper, just a hint of ginger. Okay, milk... or heavy whipping cream. I'm sure my arteries are willing to make a few sacrifices for deliciousness. When did this transition from "ez cheez sauce" to Cheddar Alfredo? Never mind. Oh yeah, need to start the broccoli. That's going to be important, too.

One of these days I need to learn how to cook, so I can stop doing it accidentally.
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